LiveGames Exclusives

LiveGames offers generous bonuses and exclusive promotions that allow provide players to enhance their gaming experience and increase their chances of winning big.
The jackpot is the glittering crown jewel of the gambling world, a dazzling and alluring prize that tempts the hopeful and excites the adventurous.

LiveGames is 80% of the jackpot pool amount as a special prize to the player who gets the card that wins the Tombola with the first 44 balls.
Cashback is a bonus feature in which we give 80% of the amount accumulated in the Cashback pool to players who bet 150 times and have not won any prizes from any of these bets.
Bonus Cards
More card, more chances.

In Tombola, players can instantly use 20% of their stake as a bonus every time they buy 5 cards. And that way they get more chances.

Traditional Rewards

Traditional Bingo rewards include prizes for achieving different patterns on the Tombola card, such as "First Line", "Second Line" or "Tombola". With its user-friendly interface and seamless gameplay, Livegames Tombola is the perfect destination for Tombola enthusiasts looking for a fun and rewarding experience.
First Line
It is the reward you will win when you fill in 5 numbers in a single line.
The reward multiplier: x13
Second Line
It is the reward you will win when you fill in 5 numbers on two lines at the same time.
The reward multiplier: x26
It is the reward you will get when you fill in all the numbers on the card.
The reward multiplier: x55

Special Rewards

In addition to the traditional Bingo prizes, LiveGames has special prizes to enhance players' gaming experience and maximize the fun.
First Line in 5 Balls
Players who reach 1st Cinko with the first 15 balls get the reward.
The reward multiplier: x500
First Line in 15 Balls
Players who reach 1st Cinko with the first 15 balls get the reward.
The reward multiplier:  x150
Players who perform 1st Cinko, 2nd Cinko and Tombola in a row on a single card win.
The reward multiplier: x300

What You Get

7/24 Live Broadcast
video camera
Branded tables with your own marketing materials
video cameravideo camera
Unlimited number of players
video camera
Seamless graphics and sound
video camera
Multiple bet options
video camera
Game statistics and detailed reports
video cameravideo camera
Available on desktop and mobile
video camera

Featured Tombola Games


Tombola Live

Best Tombola ever
Tombola Live, our most played game since 2015, remains the most played game of all players.

One of the most traditional games played with 90 balls accompanied by a live dealer, Tombola offers enjoyable moments to the players with its entertaining presentation and exciting flow.
New Games

Tombola Luckybox

A brand new Tombola experience
Branded Tombola Lucky Box one of the most entertaining versions of our favorite game Tombola is one of our games that is broadcast live played with our Lucky Box machine and brings a new experience to Tombola habits.

Luck will be with you!

Tombola Auto

Get ready to catch the lucky balls with Tombola Auto
Tombola Auto is a version of Tombola that automatically draws balls without the need for a croupier. It maximizes the Tombola experience thanks to its short card purchase time and its smooth system.

Tombola Auto Speed

Experience the thrill of speed with Tombola Auto Speed
Tombola Auto Speed that packs all the fun and excitement of traditional Tombola into a high-speed gaming experience!